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Build, Own & Operate

Lagoon Development was formed to build, own and operate lagoons for Land Tejas and other development companies. 

Our team worked together to develop and open the first lagoon in Texas which subsequently became the first lagoon in the US to be approved for swimming.    

Feasibility & 

Financial Justification

  • Financial impact of adding the amenity

  • Feasibility studies to justify the investment

  • Lagoon cost estimating 

Aerial View of Barren Land

Master-planning & 

Amenity Design

  • Consultant recommendations

  • Amenity Size and Location determination

  • Design Oversight

Contract negotiation

  • Amenity operators

  • Maintenance  

  • Construction  

  • Engineering

  • Landscape


Project Representation to 3rd party Builders and Developers

  • Identify the right builders for your project

  • Leverage relationships to introduce the project to builders

  • Negotiate lot contracts

Construction administration

  • Serve as the owner’s representative

  • Help to ensure best practices

  • Help to ensure the lagoon is delivered on time and on budget



  • How to leverage the amenity for the benefit of your project

  • Maximize positive exposure through the life-cycle of the lagoon construction and operation

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