Lago Mar 12-acre lagoon

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Lago Mar is a 4,500 home master-planned community in Texas City, TX.   The 12-acre lagoon anchors a 100-acre mixed-use entertainment district in the midst of this 2,000 acre community.   This is the longest lagoon in the United States spanning 1/4 of a mile holding 24 million gallons of water.   The lagoon’s perimeter is the longest in the United States.  When complete the mixed-use entertainment district will include a new 12,000 square foot clubhouse for resident use with residential beaches, hotels, retail, dining and entertainment and a future public access beachclub facility.  The community has become one of the fastest selling in Houston, with home sales approaching 15 homes per week.   The lagoon was built in less than 12 months and open in late 2019.

Lago Mar 12-acre lagoon

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